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CoziRest Cooling Weighted Blanket for Adult and Kids 
15 lbs | 60x80" Queen Size | Cool Bamboo & Cozy Minky Dual-Sided Cover Included | Heavy Blanket for Adults from 140 - 190 lbs
  • PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS: At CoziRest we focus on attention to detail, accurate dimensions and high quality materials. Our 7 layer blanket is composed of 100% natural, 400 TC cotton, making it extra soft and durable. To add the weight, our comforter is filled with odorless, hypo-allergenic glass beads, suspended in 300 gsm of fluffy polyfill padding. Unlike most brands, we use DOUBLE STITCHING to lock the beads inside small 5” squares, ensuring even weight distribution across your whole body.
  •  REMOVABLE ALL SEASON COVER: One of the main issues with heavy blankets is that they can be hot to sleep under. To combat this we include a removable dual sided cover - one side is 100% COOLING BAMBOO, while the other is COZY MINKY. This means you can regulate your temperature simply by flipping the blanket over. 12 no-fray ties inside the cover attach it to the blanket to prevent irritating sliding & bunching. The cover is fully removable and machine washable, so keeping it clean is a breeze.
  • FULL NIGHT’S SLEEP: Our amazing weighted blankets help you SLEEP BETTER, DEEPER and FASTER. With Deep Touch Pressure Therapy (DTP), the weight of the blanket will calm the nervous system making the body feel more relaxed as you fall asleep. Many compare this feeling to a gentle hug and feel more safe and secure at night. No longer stay up in the middle of the night tossing and turning. Now you can SLEEP LIKE A BABY and wake up in the morning feeling well rested.
  • CHOOSE THE RIGHT WEIGHT AND SIZE: Heavy blankets are meant to fit the body not the bed. Due to its weight, the blanket will slip off the bed if the edges hang over. Weighted blankets that are sized 60x80" should be used only for queen size beds & above. When choosing a blanket, make sure it weighs around 10-12% of your body weight plus 1lb. If you lie on the border between 2 weights, we recommend choosing the lighter option.
  • EXPERIENCE THE COZIREST PROMISE: We truly appreciate you choosing to do business with our company. That’s why we back every purchase with a 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. We promise to give you a full refund or free replacement if the blanket you receive has any manufacturing defect, within the first year. One thing to keep in mind: it often takes around a week to get used to sleeping under a weighted blanket, so if you don’t immediately like it, kindly try it out for a few more nights :)
The CoziRest weighted blanket works like magic for anyone looking to relax and get a full night sleep. It uses deep touch pressure therapy by distributing weight evenly across your body. The weight helps soothe your body and calms you down into a relaxing state leaving you feel hugged as you go to sleep. Benefits of using our weighted blankets including deeper sleep, comfort and an overall improved mood.
We use high quality materials to construct this blanket. The inner quilt is made with 100% cotton and filled with non-toxic hypoallergenic glass beads. The outer cover is made with 100% Bamboo on one side and soft minky fabric on the other side. Our one of a kind dual-sided cover is designed to help you maintain the right temperature throughout the seasons. When cold use the minky side for warmth and when hot simply flip the blanket over to the bamboo side to cool down. Having a duvet cover is great to have for your weighted blanket as it makes washing and caring for your blanket very easy! Simply take the duvet cover off, put it in the wash and either air dry or tumble dry low. We’ve also included easy instructions on how to put the cover on the blanket. 

You can easily tie the cover to the blanket as there are 12 long ties on the corners and edges of the cover. This secures the blanket in position and keeps the weight of the blanket evenly distributed preventing it from sinking or bunching inside the cover. The ties are made with extra durable bamboo fabric so they will last long and not fray in the wash. 

Our queen size 15 blanket is best suited for people weighting between 140 to 190 lb.
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